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November 3, 2009

3 Best Nourishing Soup in Winter

It is the best time for us to nourish our bodies in Autumn and Winter all year. Although we are always in strong stress, we should not forget to nourish ourselves. Here I recommend you 3 nourishing soup, which make you have a nice winter.

Almond Pearl Tofu Soup
Effects: Relieving constipation, Whitening skin.
Materials: Large almond 10g, Tofu 150g, Pearl Powder 1 to 3g, glucose powder 15g.

Peanut Pettitoes Soup
Effects: moisturizing the skin and increase elasticity.
Materials: Peanut 80 g, Zhushou 300 g, yam 50 g
Seasoning: Salt, Onion, Ginger, Cooking wine
Shouwu Pigeon Eggs Soup
Efficacy: supplement liver and kidney, Hair Tonic
Material: fleece-flower root 5 g, Rehmannia 3 g, Pigeon Eggs 50 g, Mushroom 10 g.
Seasoning: Salt