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April 12, 2010

Sakura Road in Wuhan University

SPRING is often trumpeted as the best season to visit Wuhan University when the sakura (cherry blossom) is in full bloom. Rising temperatures and rain pave the way for the first sakura blooms which herald the arrival of Spring.

The road lies below the Science School and the former library. The road is neatly lined with strong Sakura trees. From March to the early April each year, Sakura blooms vigorously, but only lasts a week. After that the road is thickly carpeted with Sakura petals. Each year during flowering of Sakura, the road is crowded with constant streams of tourists.

There is another Sakura scenic in Wuhan that is Moshan Hill of Wuhan’s East Lake Scenic Area where Wuhan Sakura Festival is held each year. It is a highlight to appreciate Sakura in the evening. Set off by colorful lights and white snow, Sakura will be more charming and attractive this year.

Price of admission ticket: 10 Yuan per person

Traffic: take tourist line 401 and get off at the stop of Wuhan University. Go into the entrance of the campus and walk ahead along the street to a pond and then turn left to the avenue till you arrive at Sakura Road and the former library.