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July 6, 2011

Summer Biscuit- Chufa Cake

Ingredients: Pared chufa, white sugar, egg white, lard and the fruit of Chinese wolfberry.
Characteristics: This dish is white and looks like snowflakes. With the fruit of Chinese wolfberry decorated among them, it appears very beautiful. This sweet cuisine tastes tender like tofu and is suited for both the old and the young.
Effect: Chufa is used to reduce fever and the fruit of Chinese wolfberry helps the liver and kidney.


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Devan said...

Hey Sabrina, Thanks for this I might have to make it sometime, problem is I have no idea were to get these ingredients there very different then the ones I am used to seeing around. Where do you get them? and why is that biscuit clear by the way. Its kind of creeping me out. Thanks and keep blogging.

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